Hello, my name is Jim Lunsford and you have stumbled upon my testing grounds.

What do I mean by testing grounds? Well, I like to play with PHP projects (not mine but other people’s) and this domain is where I play with them.

Currently, I am playing with:

  • PrivateBin (a paste bin)
  • pixelfed (federated photo sharing)
  • wallabag (save it, read it later… like pocket)
  • FreshRSS (RSS Reader)
  • phpBB (forum software)
  • Matomo (self-hosted analytics software, hosted on another domain)
  • Mastodon (federated social network, hosted on another domain)
  • YOURLS (link shortener, hosted on another domain)

I’m constantly throwing up new stuff and nuking other things so what you see here may not always be accurate. I will do my best to keep the list updated.

If you want to get to know me better you can head over to my blog, Twitter, or Instagram and connect with me on those platforms.